bespoke fine bone china manufacturing

Duchess China can offer the complete package of sustainable English Fine Bone China Manufacturing. Whether your bespoke project is a simple design that needs printing onto our existing UK Made Fine Bone China ranges or a concept that needs developing from scratch. We have the capabilities and full in-house control to make your requirements come to fruition. Our professional approach with full communication to our clients throughout each stage of production, we find is critical and important to maintain a high level of quality and service. We strive to achieve this quality in all aspects of our business, as your project is as important to Duchess China as it is to our clients.

We have the in-house capabilities to fully design and develop a new product from technical drawings, to producing physical plaster models. All shapes, sizes and weights are calculated to ensure the pieces we are making fit the client's criteria. While paying extra attention to the finest of details, to ensure the product works correctly throughout the stages of production.

Once a physical sample has been approved we can then begin to manufacture the client's bespoke products, from the clay stage using our fully automated production lines for holloware or flatware. For more complex shapes we would utilise our hand bench casting skills, as well as our fully automatic casting line. All sizes of orders can be catered for.

Once the pieces are made in clay, they are biscuit fired in a kiln at 1140 degrees, burning out the moisture from the clay to form solid bisque pieces. A translucent glaze is added to the ware, either by hand dipping or machine sprayed and fired at 1080 degrees. This firing gives the beautiful white smooth finish glaze associated with fine bone china products.

While the whiteware manufacturing is underway, our design team would be simultaneously working on the artwork development and printing side of the bespoke project. Using our digital or waterslide printing system, the proposed bespoke project artwork would be colour separated and styled. To ensure the size, fitting and positioning of the proposed design is correct. Physical samples or electronic visuals are presented to the client.

Once approval is given by the client through samples or visuals, the silk screen printing of the design is undertaken. Each colour in the design is printed individually in layers onto waterslide decal paper, drying in between. The final stage of printing is an over print of covercoat, which acts as a protective layer when the decal is submerged into water within the decoration process onto the whiteware.

The whiteware and decals now come together in the decoration process. The printed decals are expertly hand applied onto the whiteware, using the skill of our lithographers. The decals are rubbed down with a small squeegee and cloth, once dry the decorated pieces are fired in our kilns at 850 degrees, which fuses the decal to the glaze. After the final firing, the pieces are selected for any potential defects and packed for despatch.

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