Duchess China Prestige

Duchess China Prestige offers the unique personal service of bespoke fine bone china manufactured pieces, that are expertly decorated using precision hand raised painting techniques. Based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, the historic heartbeat of the world pottery industry, tapping into the 130 years of Duchess China's historic pattern books and shape archives also shapes from our associated Royal Creamware and Royal Winton's brands, our Prestige china is visual art at its finest. 


All of our fine bone china pieces are sustainably manufactured at our factory, from start to finish, utilising 100's of years of true British hand craftmanship. All clients are offered a factory tour as part of our service to see first hand all aspects of production and each commission is fully documented by photographic portfolio to create a story and provence behind each piece, which we share with the client. 


Unique exquisite individual pieces, giftware and full dinner service ranges can be produced to order. We work closely with individual clients to create the bespoke product required, whether this may be for Royalty, Corporate, Head of states or discerning individuals. Each individual piece is expertly hand finished by Lee Price our Prestige Ceramic Artist, looking at colours and patterns to give inspiration for your design, that will work in harmony with its surroundings.


Many years ago hand painting was more widespread in the industry, but now only a handful of prestige ceramic artists remain.





Lee left full time education in 1988 and was recruited by Royal Doulton as a figurine painting apprentice, where he learnt the basic skills of ceramic on-glaze painting. From there Lee began a 7 year apprenticeship with Minton as a prestige ceramic artist, training under the renowned artist Lynn Sumner. Lee is highly trained as one of the best and last few remaining ceramic artists in the UK, with more than 30 years of experience.  Lee has worked on many commissions for wealthy clients around the world ranging from the Sultan of Brunei to Sir Elton John. 


We are delighted that Lee brings his knowledge and artistic practice to Duchess China 1888, to produce luxury bespoke fine bone china pieces together.  Lee is striving to push the boundaries and techniques of hand painted and raised paste teachniques which can enhance the elegance and beauty of each individual piece. 





Our prestige modeller Gordon Brooks, has been working in the industry for nearly 40 years and brings a wealth of experience in modelling. Gordon moved from Liverpool to Stoke on Trent in the 1980's to study at the North Staffs polytechnic, moving on to work at Wedgwood, Dudson and now ourselves at Duchess China 1888.  Gordons wealth of experience allows new shapes to come to fruition.


Each new product concept is technically drawn by Gordon, to allow for the required size and capacity definitions. Then the plaster models are physically made using a traditional lathe or hand engraving technique. This process can take upto 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the piece. 


Gordon states that "the physicality of working with plaster and using your hands to create an artistic shape,  that comes off the kiln at the other end of the production line is a fantastic feeling". 





With 2022 being a special year for Queen of England's Jubilee celebrations, please see below a short video of our exclusive fine bone china Lee is currently painting.